What a Boring Race..!

Well – I hope not all of the races this year are going to be like yesterday’s season opener at Bahrain.  That was the least interesting race I’ve seen for ages.

Among the front runners there were two overtaking moves in the first lap (Alonso on Massa and Rosberg on Hamilton) and that was it.

I was disappointed in Jenson Button’s performance, but more so in one of his post race comments:  he said he deliberately took it easy at the start of the race.

That’s not how a World Champion should be driving in the first race of his title defence.  Before the race he was all ‘I”ve got to win my first race because it’s important to get a flying start to the season’ – so what happened to that then?

Althogether not a good start to the season on any level.

And even the drivers agreed.

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