Schumacher’s Return – What a Season 2010 Will Be

So my second prediction proved wrong too..!

I said a while ago that Jenson would be crazy to move to McLaren – and he moved.  I also said Schumacher would be crazy to return – and he has.

I won’t be charging a lot for my fortune telling services in future 🙂

But, doesn’t that make for a cracking season next year!?

We have Schmacher and Rosberg at Brawn/Mercedes, Alonso and Massa at Ferrari (watch for sparks there!) and Button and Hamilton at McLaren.

And don’t forget the Red Bulls who were so strong this year.

The competition between these teams is going to be ferocious, and the competition between the drivers in both McLaren and Ferrari will be just as intense.

Roll on March 2010 – I can’t wait!

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