My Apologies

Please accept my apologies for the Quintuplicated (I think that’s the right word) post that went up yesterday.

One of the things I do with this site is to capture items of news that I find interesting or amusing (or that drive me bananas), and make comments on them.

To do that I use a combination of a service called OnlyWire and the bookmarking site Delicious.  OnlyWire enables me to submit news items that qualify to bookmarking sites, and it also enables me to add my own comments – without any space restriction.

So it automatically posts the bookmark and the comments to Delicious.

Delicious has a service that enables you to automatically post bookmarks (and comments) to your site.

So in that way I can make comments on news items and have them posted automatically on this site without having to actually log into it.

Unfortunately, though, either OnlyWire or Delicious appear to have had a rush of blood to the head and yesterday’s news item got posted 5 times.

So my apologies. But I can’t say it won’t happen again, because I don’t manage either of those services!

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