Congratulations to Jenson Button F1 World Champion

Martin MaldenWhat a season.  And after qualifying 14th yesterday I thought that Jenson would not only fail to win the title at Interlagos, but he may well end up not winning it at all.

But he drove another superb race.

There’ve been a lot of negative comments over the last few races – that he’d gone off the boil and was going to be lucky to win the championship, and so on.

The reality is that the Brawn car lost ground to others, most notably Red Bull, and Jenson and Brawn messed up a few times in qualifying.

In the last 3 races, though, Jenson drove superbly.

In Singapore he came from 2 places behind his team mate to beat him by one, and in Japan he came from 4 places behind and caught up to finish 1 place behind.

In both cases making up 3 places on Rubens and maintaining his points advantage in the championship.

Those were both crucial drives to fend off his closest challenger.

His drive yesterday, from 14th to 5th, was the drive of a World Champion – something Damon Hill was asking for last week.

There’s been a couple of things that Jenson has demonstrated over this season which I hadn’t noticed before:

  1. He’s extremely good at over-taking
  2. He’s able to keep his cool under what must have been the most intense pressure.

No histrionics, no outbursts and no impetuous moves on the track.

Just solid work, good driving and good overtaking when it mattered.

So congratulations Jenson – extremely well deserved, especially after all the bad luck, worrisome times and dreadful cars you’ve had to put up with over the past several seasons.

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