Formula 1 Warming Up Its Engines for 2010

With 3 teams launching their cars next week the 2010 season is nearly here – Yesss..!

And what a season it’s going to be – can’t wait.

On paper, we have 8 good drivers in 4 good teams.  Not only is the competition between teams going to be fierce, but the competition between drivers within teams is going to be too.

The one that’s had all the press is McLaren, with Jenson Button (who’d want to have a bridge named after them..!!??) and Lewis Hamilton.

Popular opinion says that one’s going to be a walk over for Hamilton and, for sure, he has all the advantages having been with the team for something like 13 or 14 years (since he was around 10).

But remember years ago, when Button was around Hamilton’s age, he went as the new boy to BAR and out-drove Jacques Villeneuve, a former world champion.

He also beat Rubens last year in a straight fight and Rubens was no slouch if you remember.  He quite often had the legs over Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, but team orders prevailed.

So a walk-over?  Not so sure about that.

Then, at Ferrari, Massa and Alonso are both quick – Alonso a double world champion and Massa missing out only by a single point in 2008.  Add the latin temperament and there should be some fireworks there.

Red Bull  is unchanged with Vettel and Webber – both of whom won races in style last year.  As long as their car makes the same kind of progress it made last season they’ll provide stiff competition at the front.

And finally Mercedes.  This is the one I’m really interested in. Schumacher and Rosberg racing on equal terms should be great.

Remember, Schumacher was contractually the number 1 driver for his years at Ferrari – one of the things that so pissed off Rubens that he had a few moments last year when he thought Brawn were favouring Jenson and threw his toys about.

So everything was set up for him (Schumi), he had all the advantages.  No racing on equal terms.

A friend of mine (who himself races, so he knows a thing or two) recently reckoned that Rosberg was a very good outside bet for the WDC this year.  But that was before Schumacher was announced as his team mate.

So that’s going to be really interesting.

But, at the end of the day, the two World Championships will be down to the cars.  The racing between team mates will settle a few arguments, but the cars will decide the championships.

So roll on next week, when we’ll see the 2010 McLarens, Mercedes and Ferraris for the first time.

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