What a Cracker, Jenson..!

OK – now I’m swallowing my words in large mouthfuls..!

A few weeks ago, after the Bahrain GP, I was critical of Jenson Button’s apparent attitude during the race – for deliberately taking it easy.

Now, 3 races later, he’s leading the driver’s championship.  He’s also out-qualified Lewis Hamilton 3 – 1, and won two races this year – the first driver to notch up more than 1 win.

Superb performance, Jenson, and I’m delighted you’re sticking it to all those doubters.

Last year, when he announced his decision to move to McLaren I thought he was crazy, as did many others.  But we’re all having to eat our words now.

He’s proved that he can mix it with the best of the best and, admittedly after only 4 races, he’s doing better than Hamilton – in Hamilton’s team.

Which led me to an interesting thought:

Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to pick your top drivers and put them in the same team to see how they do?

We’ve had Alonso and Hamilton and we’ve now got Button and Hamilton. We’ve got Alonso and Massa and we’ve also got Rosberg (I’m delighted he’s doing so well) and Schumacher – who seems to have lost his edge in a big way.

But I’d have liked to see Raikonnen and Hamilton in the same team. And Raikonnen and Alonso in the same team.

And Raikonnen and Schumacher (before his retirement).

And what about Rosberg and Kubica – that’d be interesting.

And Vettel and Hamilton.

Now those would be great team pairings and they’d generate a lot of interest.

Come on Bernie – that would be a series worth watching.

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