One of the Best Christmas Breaks for a Long Time

Well, that’s Christmas for another year. But it was a great one. Starting with Christmas Eve and drinks at the Dog House with friends, then up to Traffik (more friends) and then back to the Dog House. A drinks party and a superb Christmas meal (separate party) on Christmas Day, followed by the best birthday [...]

Self Employed – Actually Unemployed

My last day earning an honest wage tomorrow. From Tuesday I’ll be unemployed. And I can’t wait. I have so much to keep me going I’ll need to go back to PCCW for a rest! As I said in this post on my other blog, the world is my oyster. I have my Internet Marketing, [...]

Hello Blogosphere!

Welcome to This is my first post, so it doesn’t say a lot – but I needed to get rid of that standard WordPress opening post. I’ve just written my ‘About’ page, so my creative juices are now exhausted. Sorry about that. :) However, there’ll be a steady trickle of rants and interesting, topical [...]