Formula 1

What a Cracker, Jenson..!

OK – now I’m swallowing my words in large mouthfuls..! A few weeks ago, after the Bahrain GP, I was critical of Jenson Button’s apparent attitude during the race – for deliberately taking it easy. Now, 3 races later, he’s leading the driver’s championship.  He’s also out-qualified Lewis Hamilton 3 – 1, and won two [...]

Australian Grand Prix: Now That’s More Like It

Yes – Melbourne was definitely a much better race than Bahrain was. And I have to eat my words: after slagging off Jenson Button 2 weeks ago he came good today. In style. A typical Jenson race: no drama, no histrionics – just a smooth, measured race in which he made the right calls at [...]

What a Boring Race..!

Well – I hope not all of the races this year are going to be like yesterday’s season opener at Bahrain.  That was the least interesting race I’ve seen for ages. Among the front runners there were two overtaking moves in the first lap (Alonso on Massa and Rosberg on Hamilton) and that was it. [...]

Formula 1 Warming Up Its Engines for 2010

With 3 teams launching their cars next week the 2010 season is nearly here – Yesss..! And what a season it’s going to be – can’t wait. On paper, we have 8 good drivers in 4 good teams.  Not only is the competition between teams going to be fierce, but the competition between drivers within [...]

Schumacher’s Return – What a Season 2010 Will Be

So my second prediction proved wrong too..! I said a while ago that Jenson would be crazy to move to McLaren – and he moved.  I also said Schumacher would be crazy to return – and he has. I won’t be charging a lot for my fortune telling services in future :) But, doesn’t that [...]

Fascinating Interview with Jenson Button

Seems that BrawnGP (now Mercedes) are pretty pissed off with Jenson Button’s move to McLaren, but there’s an interesting article and video interview here in which some more facts come out. Jenson’s gone into this with his eyes wide open, looking for the challenge, for less money than he’d have got if he stayed with [...]

So, Jenson Signed for McLaren

When that possibility was first mooted a while ago my immediate reaction was that he’d be crazy. He doesn’t have a good track record in choosing teams (remember Buttongate?), but maybe he has a different manager now. And maybe he’s learnt from the experience. There’s been a lot of comment about how McLaren is Lewis [...]

Congratulations to Jenson Button F1 World Champion

What a season.  And after qualifying 14th yesterday I thought that Jenson would not only fail to win the title at Interlagos, but he may well end up not winning it at all. But he drove another superb race. There’ve been a lot of negative comments over the last few races – that he’d gone [...]