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Air India Pilots, Crew Scuffle Leaving Cockpit Unmanned – If I hadn't travelled on Air India I would have dismissed this. But I HAVE travelled on Air India, and I CAN believe this. Unless you've travelled to places like this, it's impossible to believe the accounts people give you when they return. Mind you, when [...]

1 point forward, 1 point back

Jenson lost a point to Rubens at Suzuka today, but drove the better race. Just as he did last week in Singapore, Jenson started behind his team mate – this time 4 places behind rather than 2. Last week he made up 3 places on Rubens to finish one place ahead of him.  This week [...]

Nice One, Jenson!

After Monza, and barring completely unforseen circumstances (which you can never rule out), Jenson’s job was to make sure he didn’t lose more than 2 points a race to his team mate. That would have brought him the Driver’s Championship with a 6 point margin. Last night in Singapore he came from behind to beat [...]

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Book Review: Windows 7 Secrets. An absolutely hilarious review of this new book on Windows 7. This is a hilarious review, and one with which I instinctively totally empathise. I've long disliked Microsoft's attempts at upgrading any of their products. I loathe Office 2007 with a vengeance. Why completely re-design something that was perfectly good [...]

Eccelstone: Way Past His Sell-By Date

The statement by Bermie Eccelstone that his friend and business partner, Flavio Briatore, had been treated too harshly in the crashgate hearing beggars belief. Doesn’t Eccelstone have any shame? Or Morals? Briatore was quite happy to send out a driver to put himself in harm’s way by crashing an F1 car during a race.  Worse, [...]

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SEO For WordPress Blogs – How to Make Your WordPress Blog More Effective in The Search Engines WordPress is naturally well optimised for the search engines, but there are some things you can do to give it an extra boost. Here are some on-site steps you can take to improve your WordPress blog's performance in [...]

Crash-Gate: F1 Self Destructing

Of course, F1 won’t self destruct – but it has made an incredibly valiant effort to do so this year. When the crashgate stories first appeared I dismissed them as journalistic mischief. After all, who in their right mind deliberately crashes an F1 car during a race? However, it seems that not only was Nelson [...]

Fisi Moves to Ferrari

So after all the on-again, off-again it’s finally official:  Fisi will move to Ferrari. Not just for the final 5 races of this season but as test/reserve driver for 2010. I’m happy for Fisi – he’s always come across as a great guy. But I feel for Badoer.  He should never have been put in [...]