links for 2009-11-21

Palin: Crack Down On 'Iraq' To Prevent Nuclear Iran. Her knowledge hasn't improved much. Give her more air time, I say. The more people can hear the things this person comes out with the quicker she'll be seen for what she is. To think she could have been the Vice President by now is scary. [...]

Fascinating Interview with Jenson Button

Seems that BrawnGP (now Mercedes) are pretty pissed off with Jenson Button’s move to McLaren, but there’s an interesting article and video interview here in which some more facts come out. Jenson’s gone into this with his eyes wide open, looking for the challenge, for less money than he’d have got if he stayed with [...]

So, Jenson Signed for McLaren

When that possibility was first mooted a while ago my immediate reaction was that he’d be crazy. He doesn’t have a good track record in choosing teams (remember Buttongate?), but maybe he has a different manager now. And maybe he’s learnt from the experience. There’s been a lot of comment about how McLaren is Lewis [...]

links for 2009-11-09

Murdoch: We’ll probably remove our sites from Google’s index. Well – there's a turn up for the books! What a wonderful example of someone else who's past their sell by date! This will cut off the flow of new readers (assuming his papers do actually draw in new readers) and slowly strangle his media income. [...]

My Apologies

Please accept my apologies for the Quintuplicated (I think that’s the right word) post that went up yesterday. One of the things I do with this site is to capture items of news that I find interesting or amusing (or that drive me bananas), and make comments on them. To do that I use a [...]

links for 2009-11-06

Carrie Prejean Goes Down. Literally! A hilarious article on US beauty queen Carrie Prejean's less than successful day in court The antics of US socialites constantly astounds me. The likes of Carrie Prejean and Paris Hilton redefine shallow, and it's a sad commentary on the engagement of US society that they get so much attention. [...]

links for 2009-10-26

Brawn confident that Jenson Button will stay with them for next season. Or will he go to McClaren? You never really know what to believe when you read the press but Jenson does have a pretty poor record when it comes to choosing teams. Remember Button-gate a few years back? His on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again [...]

Congratulations to Jenson Button F1 World Champion

What a season.  And after qualifying 14th yesterday I thought that Jenson would not only fail to win the title at Interlagos, but he may well end up not winning it at all. But he drove another superb race. There’ve been a lot of negative comments over the last few races – that he’d gone [...]