Australian Grand Prix: Now That’s More Like It

Yes – Melbourne was definitely a much better race than Bahrain was.

And I have to eat my words: after slagging off Jenson Button 2 weeks ago he came good today. In style.

A typical Jenson race: no drama, no histrionics – just a smooth, measured race in which he made the right calls at the right time – and won.

I think all those years of driving dogs of cars at the back of the field gave him invaluable experience in how to stay out of trouble and make the most of the package at his disposal.

He certainly did that today, despite Alonso turning into him at the first corner (and paying the penalty).

I do feel sorry for Vettel, though.  He qualified superbly and drove the race well until his car suffered brake failure.  That said, once Jenson was on the slicks he held the gap to Vettel consistently at between 3 and 4 seconds – which was unexpected given the speed of the Red Bull cars.

And what about Schumacher – out qualified and out raced again by Rosberg.  Rosberg is one of those guys who’s been around for some time but, a bit like Jenson, never had the equipment to do the job.

Like Jenson did all those years ago with Villeneuve, Rosberg is now consistently out driving a past World Champion.  He deserves a car that will give him a chance of winning the title, because I’ve no doubt he can do it.

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