Welcome to Hong Kong

I was lucky enough to be terminated as a result of the recession – and that’s given me a great opportunity to get my own business (which I’ve been planning for a while) really revved up.

Every situation provides an opportunity – including recessions.

Lots of articles on my Home Business blog talk about the opportunities provided by recessions and I figured it was time to put my words into practice.

What I can tell you is that within 3 weeks of leaving my steady corporate job (well – maybe not so steady since I was terminated!) I had a new contract.  It’s the perfect situation because it’s a regular 3 days a week at a rate that covers my bills and leaves me 2 days a week to continue to build the business.

So right now life is good!

So what can I do for you or your business?

Website Design, Build and Maintenance Services plus Internet Marketing Strategies

I can consult with you on Internet Marketing strategies, build you a website, optimise it for the search engines, provide web hosting and domain names, or build and maintain a blog for you on the WordPress platform.

Who will benefit most from this?

Individuals or small businesses who don’t have an online presence but know they need to get one.

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Web-based Customer Care Strategies

I can consult with you (and your company) on ways to improve the experience your customers have by utilising the huge potential of the internet and the web based customer care tools that are available today.

Who will benefit most from this?

Service companies (like telecom companies, credit card companies and any other narrow margin businesses) that need to reduce the unit cost of servicing and supporting their customers while at the same time increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.

More details here.

For more information on anything please contact me here.  I look forward to helping you to maximise the opportunities you face every day!